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RD: 2023-06-23
The Streets Of Fiesta
Label: Sun King Music
Fileunder: Alternative / Electronic / Punk
FREAK presents its debut album "The Streets of Fiesta" and combines the raw sound of punk with electronic elements to create a new genre, the self-titled "Future Punk". The result is nine songs that reflect Benito Altmann´s experiences in Barcelona.

The formation of the band was spontaneous and happened when Dr. Christ asked his friend Benito to read a poem from his book that he had written during his stay in Barcelona. Benito said that he had collected many impressions during his stay in the city and sometimes did not know where to put them. Both sank into the descriptions of the nightlife and theatre in this impressive city. Dr Christ gave Benito back his book of poems and sat down at the piano. He asked Benito to sing and FREAK was born. Together they began to work on their debut album "The Streets of Fiesta". After ten days, the album was recorded in a police station turned into a studio. Several fortunate circumstances helped in the production of the album, such as the use of Freddy Mercury´s original microphone for the vocal recordings. With the new release "The Streets of Fiesta", FREAK present the unique sound of "future punk". Benito´s deep voice paired with punk influences, techno elements and hip hop characterise the album. Alex Petri, the band´s drummer, contributes to FREAK´s sound with his futuristic beat, which combines the raw production style of punk with synthetic elements of electronic music. In total, nine songs have been created about a protagonist searching for his true self in a short-lived world characterised by delusion. "The Streets of Fiesta" takes the audience on a journey through the streets of Ciudad Fiesta and into a play about life in all its facets.
Track list
3FreakKorrupt Illegal Erotik Abnormal
4Freak24h Party Girl
7FreakThe Streets Of Fiesta (Interlude)

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