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RD: 2023-05-12
Paris Berlin
Label: Fais & Ris
Fileunder: Sinti-Swing / Balkanbeats / Chanson / Live
LES YEUX D´LA TÊTE celebrate their 15th career anniversary with a LIVE album recorded in July 2022 in

Germany during an epic tour in front of sold-out crowds.
Paris, Berlin, two cities where the band´s music has blossomed and flourished. Two capitals anchored in their
history. Few French bands are as successful on the other side of the Rhine, and this album sounds like a tribute
to the love story between their Parisian roots and the beautiful German adventure they have been privileged to
experience for so many years now. This live album also gives us the opportunity to experience the music of Les
Yeux D´la Tête, so lively, energetic and warm-hearted, as it is expressed on stage - their preferred playing field. It
is also an opportunity to bring together the best pieces of her discography in a single work. From Paris to Berlin,
Les Yeux D´la Tête enchant their "beloved freedom", the "Liberté chérie" ...
Track list
1Les Yeux D´La TeteEnsemble
2Les Yeux D´La TeteJe Ne Marche Pas Droit
3Les Yeux D´La TeteLes Amoureux Des Vents Publics
4Les Yeux D´La TeteAu Mariage De Mon Cousin
5Les Yeux D´La TeteMuzika
6Les Yeux D´La TeteDes Bouts De Papier
7Les Yeux D´La TeteSous La Canopee
8Les Yeux D´La TeteBonne Nouvelle
9Les Yeux D´La TeteLiberte Cherie
10Les Yeux D´La TeteKezta
11Les Yeux D´La TeteHamburg
12Les Yeux D´La TeteUn Peu Trop
13Les Yeux D´La TeteProfitons-En
14Les Yeux D´La TeteMa Bande

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