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RD: 2023-04-28
Label: Green Piste Records
Fileunder: Blues / Psychedelia / Folk
Like a horde breaking through in a deserted plain, An Eagle In Your Mind distills a new kind of folk/rock.

The duet manages to blend the sound of a folk guitar and of an Indian harmonium together with analog percussions and vibrating drones; as well as a spectral voice singing about revolution and the possible.
The duet formed on the fringes, in an old Mercedes van turned into a wandering recording studio, which took them from the confines of Europe to the gates of the Orient, from great capital cities to underworld areas.
Ambassadors of a folklore which is not yet born, An Eagle in your Mind precedes the dark and hypnotic history told under their lost rhapsodies. This is folk music for a people in the making, a people of migrants. The arrival at the crossroad of two worlds: this is what their new album INTERSECTION continues to invoke...
Since its formation in 2016, the duet has trod the stages of Europe and Africa, from Lyon to Ankara via Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Morocco, Greece, Macedonia or even Kosovo. While this long-term journey allowed them to rub shoulders with various audiences, it was also an opportunity to develop a specific way of working together. As collectors of sounds, instruments and vintage gear, Raoul and Sophia record everything together. Bathed in this almost unreal traveling space-time, the recording phase has become a true lab for the duet. Sophia sings, does choirs and more choirs, inspired by Byzantine colours with psychedelic swirls, which she mixes with the sound of the harmonium and then superimposes indefinitely to create the ground layer for Raoul. He creates beats made of Berber percussion, shamanic drums, bells and charms. He is inspired by trance, he uses and abuses drones and analog delays. In short, this is craftsmanship, an endless back and forth between those two searching souls. On stage, thanks to programming and a substantial set of machines, everything is restored to exactness, with that extra soul that comes with the joy of sharing music and seeing your own horizons reflected in the eyes of the audience.
Track list
1An Eagle In Your MindDesert Land
2An Eagle In Your MindStorm
3An Eagle In Your MindIntersection
4An Eagle In Your MindOn Your Shoulders
5An Eagle In Your MindRiverside
6An Eagle In Your MindLet Me Ride
7An Eagle In Your MindSilver Plate

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