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RD: 2023-07-07
Enchantment Under The Sea
Label: Leopard
Fileunder: Jazz / Funk / Fusion
The Berlin band Marriage Material releases its second album "Enchantment Under The Sea". Music like a kaleidoscope - an incomparably colourful and constantly changing mix of jazz, progressive rock, neo-classical and funk with influences from Zawinul, Pastorius, Zappa or Tribal Tech. Intelligent compositions with recognition value, carried by powerful drums and resounding electric bass grooves, reminiscent of film music, which is why the band chooses the name "Cinametic Jazz".

The band Marriage Material around the renowned drummer Felix Lehrmann was founded in 2018 by him and electric bassist Thomas Stieger. With vibraphonist Raphael Meinhart, the trio developed their first ideas before Finnish guitarist Arto Mäkelä completed the band. In 2021 they released their highly acclaimed first album "Marriage Material". The four musicians can already look back on an impressive career: Felix Lehrmann has been one of the most versatile and busiest musicians in the country for years, playing with Till Brönner, The Flower Kings, Martin Miller, Nils Landgren, Dendemann to name but a few. Electric bassist Thomas Stieger is one of the most sought-after bassists in Germany; he is a member of the Wolfgang Haffner Band and performs on stage with Bill Evans, Randy Brecker and Nils Landgren, among others. The vibraphonist Raphael Meinhart first studied classical percussion, then jazz vibraphone. He arranges, composes and is on the road with a wide variety of projects such as "Unchain Meinhart" or the KIM Collective. Guitarist Arto Mäkelä stands out for his virtuosity and versatility. He tours with Ed Motta, Jimmy Somerville and is an arranger with the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, among others. The four musicians bring together their experiences from so many different genres and throw all the styles they love into one pot. The result is brilliant original compositions with highly energetic, profound and original announcements - sometimes smouldering subliminally, then again of impressive force.
Track list
1Marriage Material1984
2Marriage MaterialHappy To Be Forced
3Marriage MaterialMega Pint Of Plum Spirit
4Marriage MaterialKing Of Melancholia
5Marriage MaterialThe Ring
6Marriage MaterialSilent Creek
7Marriage MaterialCalibration
8Marriage MaterialSecond Try
9Marriage MaterialGreen Lagoon
10Marriage MaterialPeoples

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