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RD: 2023-06-09
In Der Terrassenwelt
Label: Waldinsel Records
Fileunder: Indie / Wave / Post-Punk
"Terrassenwelt / Im Schwimmbad mit den Boys" is the first single of the newly founded project interna from 2/3 Keine Zähne im Maul Aber Lapaloma Pfeifen (Steffen Frahm and Lars Stuhlmann) and 2/3 Sie Kamen Australien (Simon Falk, Lars Stuhlmann). Critical, introspective and yet charming and catchy, the anthem of everyday problems is stretched between indie rock, electronic, new wave and punk rock. The befitting studio album "Nach Außen Konziliant" will follow in September 2023.

The three interna musicians are truly no longer blank slates after long band experience: Simme and Stulle have been playing with Sie Kamen Australien for x years, and Steffen and Stulle have been playing with Keine Zähne Im Maul Aber La Paloma Pfeifen for about 10 years. So these three idiosyncrasies were already well attuned to each other when they entered a rehearsal room together for the first time. Instant chemistry! The rest is bandages. interna have songs with music, lyrics, vocals, a guitar, a bass and drums. So like everyone else, but with a more detached relationship between the inner world and the outer world on average. This results in an almost organically distinguished hybrid of reduced rock and post-punk with infusions of noise, gallium, disco, IKVD, naerz and x-legged funk. In a time when everyone is messing around with electronics or forming the three hundred and thirteenth male punk band with chronic ironic rage, interna prefer to put their own oil in the clock. The lyrics mix analysis with foreboding and processing with fiction. Or to put it in Northern German: interna are like when you hit the corner of the table into your flank, it hurts like hell but don´t jump on the table and scream: I AM PREMIUM! without anything behind it. interna hit Lukas, but make the little spring in the top bell audible. Everyone is keen on interna, especially if they are delicate and also chewable.
Track list
1InternaTerrassenwelt (A-Seite)
2InternaIm Schwimmbad Mit Den Boys (B-Seite)

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