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RD: 2023-03-03
Hoohahs And Cat Calls
Label: TBC Records
Fileunder: Blues / Alternative / Electro
Get ready for some serious club blues.

Hoohahs and cat calls is a joint record from Odin and Bjørn Berge and is the result of two
self taught artists that doesnt have a technique exploring their own musicality and
masculinity, focusing on the toxic and most animated parts of it.
Yes, Hoohahs and cat calls is an animated blues album, a club blues at its core, and goes on
exploring all the bumps and thumps it hits on its path.
It doodles around themes such as broken love, climate change, sex and solitude.
Hoohahs and cat calls is devoid of heroes and a total blues.
Hoohahs and cat calls is totally driven by the love for the pop drive and wants to speak to all
the people in the world. It struggles to find worthy words on the themes and feelings it
doodles with as the album goes on, and that friction becomes the drive of the album.
Hoohahs and cat calls comes in a style that just happened from the first minute in studio and
is driven from share joy and obsessivness around its themes.
Track list
1Odin, Bjørn BergeCockfight: The Beginning
2Odin, Bjørn BergeLovesick
3Odin, Bjørn BergeDrink Up Honey, I´ve Got Money
4Odin, Bjørn BergeBullet Dance
5Odin, Bjørn BergeHey Byooty!!
6Odin, Bjørn BergeThe Activist Bar
7Odin, Bjørn BergeGet Up
8Odin, Bjørn BergeI Guess I Should Get Going
9Odin, Bjørn BergeYu´re A Sight For Sore Eyes

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