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RD: 2023-02-17
Parangsae (NUR MOSAIK)
Label: Meix Music
Fileunder: Jazz / Vocal-Jazz
"Parangsae" is the new album by the impressive jazz pianist Gee Hye Lee in a trio with the acclaimed bass player Joel Locher, drummer Mareike Wiening and the talented singer-songwriter Song Yi Jeon.

Korean musician Gee Hye Lee began taking piano lessons in Seoul, South Korea, at the age of three. She received various scholarships and awards as a classical pianist and discovered her passion for jazz at the age of 16. The pianist moved to Germany, began studying music in Stuttgart and completed her education with a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Gee Hye Lee, who has been living in Stuttgart for years, has worked with many different jazz musicians and was awarded the Baden-Württemberg State Jazz Prize in 2012. Since 2009 she has been leading her own trio with the outstanding double bass player Joel Locher and the multiple award-winning Cologne drummer Mareike Wiening. The trio has been supported by trained singer and composer Song Yi Jeon since 2021. Lee has released three critically acclaimed albums with her trio. The bandleader´s music is always influenced by her switch from classical to jazz, her move to Germany and her studies in Stuttgart and Boston. With the new release "Parangsae" she now presents five compositions that are open and complex at the same time and express a connection between her European and Asian homeland. Song Yi Jeon´s unmistakable and unique voice meets well thought-out piano sounds, which the jazz pianist plays with sovereign ease. The album features five arranged Korean children´s and folk songs as well as multi-faceted contemporary jazz compositions. The two Koreans once again manage to incorporate their own charm into sophisticated pieces and show jazz to perfection.
Track list
1Gee Hye Lee TrioSeoul My Soul
2Gee Hye Lee TrioParangsae
3Gee Hye Lee TrioLights ll
4Gee Hye Lee TrioDance For Peace
5Gee Hye Lee TrioA Cottage On An Isle

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