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RD: 2023-05-26
Songs Of Love And Sorrow
Label: Eygennutz Records
Fileunder: Dark Folk / Dark Pop / Medieval Music
A short musical journey through the darkness

Love, pain and loss – emotions that lie close together and have been the source for many devotional, wistful and furious songs. Mark Benecke, Germany´s best-known criminal biologist and convinced goth, and Bianca Stücker, singer and multi-instrumentalist, have taken on three of these gems on their third joint musical offering and interpreted them in their usual unusual way: The moribund "Gloomy Sunday" – a song of legendary status – has been clad in an electronicabysmal garb with melancholic dulcimer speckles. The traditional "I Am Stretched On Your Grave" – accompanied by nyckelharpa, tagelharpa and recorders – recalls a dark fairy tale, and on "Back To Black" the groove is provided by a harpsichord. Remixes by the sound artist Bishop and the dark electro project Form Follows Function conclude the short musical journey through the darkness on a danceable note. For the visual presentation, artist Chelsea B. provided an atmospheric photo.
Track list
1Bianca Stücker & Mark BeneckeGloomy Sunday
2Bianca Stücker & Mark BeneckeI am stretched on your grave
3Bianca Stücker & Mark BeneckeBack to black
4Bianca Stücker & Mark BeneckeGloomy Sunday (Bishop-Remix)
5Bianca Stücker & Mark BeneckeBack to black (Form Follows Function-Remix)

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