NEWS:Joe Bel: Second album of the exceptional French artist!
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RD: 2023-03-24
Limited Ed Lava Lamp
Label: TBC Records
Fileunder: Rock / Blues / Americana
The exceptional guitarists Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT) release with "Limited Edition Lava Lamp" their second album together, which is also the successor of the critically acclaimed "A Death Divine". The album is supported by their own band The Sailors and mastered by Grammy-nominated and 12-time Gold and Platinum award-winning mastering enigneer Winter Lazerus.

Ledfoot, an American and Norwegian-based guitarist and singer-songwriter, made his name back in the 1980s. Bruce Springsteen recorded a cover version of his song "High Hopes" and named the entire album after it. Sheena Easton also covered one of his songs ("Swear"). He himself describes his music as gothic blues, a genre that he invented because, in his view, there was no suitable name for his style. He was awarded the Norwegian prize Spellemann for his album "White Crow" and again norminated with the follow-up "Black Valley" in 2021. Born in Oslo, Ronni Le Tekrø is one of the most influential metal guitarists in the world and has been ranked as such several times. He is known for his membership in the legendary hard rock band TNT, collaboration with Terje Rypdal as well as Mads Eriksen in the formation N3. But he has also made a name for himself as a solo artist, releasing a total of more than 20 albums in his musical career, of which his latest work, "Bigfoot TV", was released in 2022. After Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø shared their debut "A Death Divine" in 2020, another collaboration follows, for which they dug much deeper into their respective influences. The result is a rock-laden and Americana-influenced soundscape. Underlining it all are Ledfoot´s sensitive vocals and Le Tekrø´s unique guitar playing. The album was produced by Americana connoisseur HP Gundersen, which also changed the musical expression.
Track list
1Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroLittle Rosie
2Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroCrying
3Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroThe Ego In The Coffin
4Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroYou Should Know How Hard It Is
5Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroNever Use Your Eyes
6Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroSailor
7Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroLimited Edition Lava Lamp
8Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroSister
9Ledfoot, Ronni Le TekroThis Hurtful Game

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