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RD: 2023-03-03
Label: Railroad Tracks
Fileunder: Jazz / Pop / Helge Schneider
Helge Schneider has a new record! "Torero" seamlessly builds on his great successes. With 8 pieces, Helge conjures his way back into the music scene. Whether it´s "The Last Torero" or "The Guilty Doctor": Beware of catchy tunes!

"I still thought, ´oh, I should use my studio to capacity again!´, then I called Sandro and asked us to record something in my studio. This turned into several sessions of about one day each. Sandro came from Northern Germany with his guitar. The small flamenco guitar has it all! Together we jammed the brand new songs on tape. Then I overdubbed a few instruments. The work of art was finished. After only 3 to 5 weeks. The torero suit is responsible for the title track. I also bought a new trumpet during this time, with which I recorded "Horses", for example, which I now always take with me, even when going for walks. The cello on "The Last Torero" caused some difficulties because, to be honest, I haven´t played the cello in over 50 years, except for a few notes in passing. Then I engaged the cellist HalfmanthorpWonderwheelthe 26th from the USA. He´s a master. This makes it sound like I played it myself. I had to photograph the record cover myself because my resident photographer, Liam Harbäckhe, broke his arm. Too bad, he is a luminary in his profession. The photo on the back of the record is taken in Murcia, it took me some time to get the set ready to like it. Enjoy listening to this record. I´m already working on the next one.”

- Helge Schneider
Track list
1Helge SchneiderThe Last Torero
2Helge SchneiderAmerican Bypass
3Helge SchneiderHorses
4Helge SchneiderThe Wizard
5Helge SchneiderThe Guilty Doctor
6Helge SchneiderThe Eater
7Helge SchneiderL.O.T.C.
8Helge SchneiderShe´s Gone

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