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RD: 2022-10-21
The Garden
Label: Novoton
Fileunder: Indie / Dark-Rock / Electro
Katharina Nuttall will release her 4th album ´The Garden´ October 21 and out now is the new single ´Inspired by John Keats´. The single is a staging of some lines from the poem ´In a drear nighted December´ written by the English poet John Keats.

The song reflects a longing to, like the trees, stand deeply rooted regardless of the weather. A musical spell in the form of Katharina´s low intense art-rock. Katharina says: "For me, music is a place where I can breathe and be present, a place for reflection and stillness. With the music, I get to comment on my own and other people´s living conditions and I get the opportunity to deepen my fellow human beings´ stories and experiences of life".
´The Garden´ is a concept album about emotional flows and upheaval which combines songs, instrumental music and spoken word, inspired by Charles Baudelaire, John Keats and dirt. ´The Garden´ is also a collaboration with visual artist Albin Biblom.
The material on the upcoming album presents Katharina Nuttall as an artist who manages to combine direct lyrics with beautiful melodies that are often punctuated by rocky notes and raw elements. The focus is on Katharina´s distinctive and wide-ranging voice. Her work is often based on a need to conceptualize events from her own life and the texts are characterized by experiences, everyday life observations and feelings spun from contact with people in her surroundings.
She grew up surrounded by British pop music and was influenced by David Bowie, Radiohead, Massive Attack and Scott Walker but also by the likes of Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave and Laurie Andersson
Track list
1Katharina NuttallLethe
2Katharina NuttallThe Poison Tree
3Katharina NuttallVelvet Moon
4Katharina NuttallTalk To Silence
5Katharina NuttallInspired By John Keats
6Katharina NuttallDeep Blue
7Katharina NuttallThe Trees Of Green
8Katharina NuttallForever Stay

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