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RD: 2022-07-29
Label: Timezone
Fileunder: Singer-Songwriter / Pop / Liedermacher
Third album of the exceptional artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter RONJA MALTZAHN. "Heimweh" is a return to her native language roots with a special focus on lyrics and poetry.

RONJA MALTZAHN plays cello, guitar, ukulele, piano and loves to tell stories about being on the road, long journeys, big dreams and courage, encounters and togetherness. On stage, she and her band invite the listeners to a musical journey around the world, through different languages ??and countries. Four years ago she met her Argentinian music partner FEDE in Italy. Since then, the two have traveled to 15 countries together, played over 300 concerts and produced two artistically diverse studio albums. The last album entitled "#worldpop - the sound of wanderlust" was created in collaboration with 32 musicians and 18 graphic artists from different countries. From numerous trips and concerts, RONJA´s colorful family of musicians has grown together, the BLUEBIRD ORCHESTRA: with violin, saxophone, flute, piano, drums, bass, nyckelharpa, horn, trumpet and polyphonic singing, the fifteen-strong musicians in the largest cast draw large soundscapes around RONJA stories. Between wafts of fog, colorful lights and a sea of ??soap bubbles, the aim is to convey an attitude to life of freedom, lightness and fantasy. On the new project "Heimweh", which takes place as a bound volume of poetry with personal stories, thoughts and anecdotes like a diary, which has been authentically processed over the past two years and is an answer to the topic of wanderlust, a broad and diverse spectrum of singer - Songwriter and pop raised with symphonic orchestral elements. The result is a lyrical urgency with poetry and class as well as music and text on the cutting edge that is second to none.
Track list
1Ronja MaltzahnNebel
2Ronja MaltzahnStufen (Hesse)
3Ronja MaltzahnAlle Zeit
4Ronja MaltzahnHeimweh
5Ronja MaltzahnPolarbär
6Ronja MaltzahnRäubertochter
7Ronja MaltzahnRegen
8Ronja MaltzahnVon der Traurigkeit (feat. Nyan Avi)
9Ronja MaltzahnÜber Wasser
10Ronja MaltzahnLos (J. Lückert)

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