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RD: 2022-09-09
Guenats Pashas
Label: Meredith
Fileunder: World / Folk / Traditional
Inspired bytraditional tunes from Armenia, Georgia, Greece and Anatolia, Papiers d´Arménies invites you to travel, crisscrossing these paths which, from East to West, have inspired many artists, poets and writers. ...

From the suburbs of Istanbul to the hot Tiflis, passing through Yerevan, Paris, and Los Angeles, thesefive musicians tell about their Armenia, a plural Armenia where popular songs mingle carried by the voices of Dan Gharibian and his daughter Macha, original compositions and improvisations with lyrical flights of which oriental musicians have the secret.
To the gripping breath of thedoudoukjoins the heartbreaking sound of thekamantcha, we go from laughter to tears so that finally theaccordionrevives the party, with a swing of theguitarand thepianoof the most catchy.
Deserting the borders, where Papiers d´Arménies reinvents its Armenia, a deep music spurts out, imbued with stories, faces, spicy cuisine, these moments of celebration until the early hours of the morning.And from the shared music, from the desire to caress souls, only one feeling remains, that of being alive and well.
Track list
1Papiers d´ArmeniesGuenats Pashas
2Papiers d´ArmeniesTiflis Mtashi Salamurs Vakvneseb Parikaoba
3Papiers d´ArmeniesNoubar
4Papiers d´ArmeniesOtan Pini Mia Gineka
5Papiers d´ArmeniesAtchkerit Metch
6Papiers d´ArmeniesKele Kele Djan
7Papiers d´ArmeniesAnouch Ella
8Papiers d´ArmeniesGaroi Bar
9Papiers d´ArmeniesGulo
10Papiers d´ArmeniesMedz Mayrig
11Papiers d´ArmeniesHey Valla
12Papiers d´ArmeniesHele Hele

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