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RD: 2023-02-24
Label: Lalabeam Records
Fileunder: Jazz / Pop / Soul
Ada Morghe’s first two albums, ‘Pictures’ and ‘Box’, saw the multifaceted German artist blurthe jazzy, torch singer elegance of Edith Piaf with the smooth soul pop of Sade, in the processinstigating waves of international critical acclaim. Now Ada broadens her coresound with anambitious new scope as she prepares to release her new album ‘Lost’ on February 24th.‘Lost’ is a concept album shaped around the four elements that make the world: fire, air, earthand water. One melody leads to another until the album completes a circle to mirror that oflife itself. It has a purpose: to make sense of life. The idea first emerged when Ada was icebathing in Munich in February 2021. The time you spend ice bathing is fleeting, but it forcesyour consciousness into the present. It also provides a balance, by uniting the elements tomake us at one with nature, as well as escape as those shock-frozen moments transport yourmind elsewhere, an experience replicated in long form by ‘Lost’. Inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘70s epics, sheguided a team of musicians through two partiallyimprovised sessions at Real World Studios. Working with co-writer / co-producer Hans Martin-Buff (best known for his work with Prince), Ada helped each core musician to allow theirinstrument to inhabit an element: Earth was represented by Livingstone Brown’s bass, waterby Luke Smith’s keyboards, fire by Josh MckNasty’s drums, and air by Luca Boscagin’s guitar.After the music came together, so too did the lyrics, with Ada balancing the impressionisticpoetry of each song with the classic storytelling structure of the album as a whole.
Track list
1Ada MorghePrologue
2Ada MorgheThe Story
3Ada MorgheBegins
4Ada MorgheWater
5Ada MorgheFlows
6Ada MorgheTime Is Ours
7Ada MorgheThis Is Me
8Ada MorgheLost
9Ada Morghe, Ruth WallIn Space
10Ada MorgheHere Now
11Ada MorgheEverything Is Everything
12Ada MorgheFire Calls
13Ada Morghe, Till BrönnerAt This Place
14Ada MorgheWe Are One

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