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RD: 2022-06-17
Label: Millaphon Records
Fileunder: Folk-Rock / Balkan-Beat / Bayerisch
The Bavarian folk rock band DJANGO 3000 has been shaking the world´s stages for ten years and is now releasing their new album "AliBabo". With the song "Heidi", which is the title tune of the ZDF series "Garmisch Cops", they made their breakthrough and became known far beyond the country´s borders. They can also book numerous TV and festival appearances (e.g. Inas Nacht, Rock the Classic, Chiemsee Summer).

The four musicians are on the road again and celebrating life. Their concerts tear you away from everyday life and you find yourself with the captivating musicians around the campfire. Everyone can live it up here - without limits, without shame. Now, with "AliBabo", "Heidi" gets her long, dance-mad partner. An odd couple. Exactly the new album is wonderful, because DJANGO 3000 reflects on their beginnings here. With a driving Balkan beat, earthy guitar rock ´n´ roll, casual "gypsy swing" and devilishly melodic violin solos, you can really feel a burning sensation under your toenails. And that can be taken seriously. Singer KAMIL MÜLLER gives the final touch with his whisky-soaked Slovak-Bavarian grating voice and fires his audience on the dance floor. DJANGO 3000 race around the world in the song "I kimm passing", allowing themselves and their great love only a short breather: A promising declaration of love. Their unified folk-rock has everyone from India to Russia to South Korea dancing. On "AliBabo" they make it clear what party-ready folk rock should sound like: Straight to the heart, in d´Fiaß, authentic and with clear words.
Track list
1Django 3000Neis Lem
2Django 3000Stooadler
3Django 3000Alibabo
4Django 3000Mashallah
5Django 3000Charlie
6Django 3000Des Oanzige
7Django 3000I Kimm Vorbei
8Django 3000Muro Shavo
9Django 3000Guada Geist
10Django 3000Discotheka Bavaria

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