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RD: 2022-11-04
Unter Menschen
Label: Else Musik
Fileunder: Songwriter-Pop
New release by the renowned Viennese singer and composer Violetta Parisini. "Unter Menschen" unites top class songwriting with unconventional pop sounds: Parisini knows what she´s singing about. Not only did she think it over carefully, but she felt it and experienced it herself. Appears as a CD on Else Musik.

Violetta Parisini started her career in early 2000 as a singer and DJ in the electro/dance scene, before the theater studies graduate began to devote herself to her solo ambitions and to composing unconventional pop sounds. Since then, the two albums "Giving You My Heart To Mend" (2010), for which she was nominated for the FM4 Award in the same year, and "Open Secrets" (2012), have been released and chart-ranked in Austria. The path taken in 2020 with the first German-language album "Alles Bleibt" is continued linguistically and musically: Parisini´s voice changes as quickly as the feelings she talks about. She says what she means emotionally and without any smoothing. Narratively sober, sweetly sarcastic, tense to the extreme, she keeps the common thread of every song. Two eventful years later, with her new release "Unter Menschen", Parisini opens emotional worlds that we know but have not yet put into words, dresses them with melodies, goes further into the depths, raises uncomfortable questions, whereby it is thematically diverse thoughts and experiences of young parents with all the ups and downs (“Not sleeping yet”) or love, friendship and everyday problems (“How do you hear?”). This kind of maturity and clarity is rarely heard and is good for you
Track list
1Violetta ParisiniFlatterndes Herz
2Violetta ParisiniTatjana
3Violetta ParisiniNoch Nicht Schlafen
4Violetta ParisiniWie Hörst Du?
5Violetta ParisiniMensch Unter Menschen

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