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RD: 2022-05-27
Label: Ilona Records
Fileunder: Jazz / Oper / Orchester
Thierry Maillard is a tireless musical adventurer. In solo piano, in trio, inbig band, the man never stops pushing the limits of his music. And it feelsgood, in these times when the reluctance is too often in order. You have tobe armed with solid faith in gold to build projects like Caméléon, its brandnew production. The impetus? An old desire to “set up an adventure withwomen” he explains, enthusiasm pegged to the body. Outstandingcasting director, daredevil director, Maillard orchestrated meetings, as agenius matchmaker. His new production brings together no less than 18musicians! Some of the musicians saw each other for the first time justbefore entering the Recall studio, the lair of Philippe Gaillot, a fewkilometers from Montpellier, where the composer made his base a fewyears ago. “Selènê (Saint-Aimé, vocals and double bass) and Mae (Defays,vocals) met at the station,” explains Thierry Maillard, quite proud of hismove.

A superlative project, Caméléon is a great bet: bringing together thelyrical world – no less than seven singers, and that of jazz, with top-flightperformers and soloists. A real risk. “A delirium” corrects Maillard. "I waslooking for modern opera singers. I found this septet, Vagabondes, whoseaverage age is 25. I listened for thirty seconds and contacted them. “Thecomposer adds a trio of instrumentalists to them, with a double bass “tobreak the binary side of the electric bass."
Track list
1Thierry Maillard EnsembleRequiem
2Thierry Maillard EnsembleAgartha
3Thierry Maillard EnsembleUnivers Poetique
4Thierry Maillard EnsembleAtlantide
5Thierry Maillard EnsembleBelvedere
6Thierry Maillard EnsembleChrysalide
7Thierry Maillard EnsembleL’attrape Reves
8Thierry Maillard EnsembleMythes
9Thierry Maillard EnsembleLa Cite Perdue (Part 1)
10Thierry Maillard EnsembleLa Cite Perdue (Part 2)
11Thierry Maillard EnsembleLe Chalet Des Loutres
12Thierry Maillard EnsembleCameleon (Part 1)
13Thierry Maillard EnsembleCameleon (Part 2)
14Thierry Maillard EnsembleCameleon (Part 3)

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