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RD: 2022-05-20
Label: Jusqu´a la Nuit
Fileunder: Jazz / Folk / Singer-Songwriter
In 2020, for the Jazz sous les Pommiers festival, where Anne Paceo was by now an associate artist, she was asked to work on a new composition. After Fables of Shwedagon (2017) and Bright Shadows (2018), in September 2020, S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S was born over a weekend under the shade of the apple trees. It just had to be recorded. Anne then immersed herself in shamanic music from around the world, exorcism rituals from Bali, voodoo ceremonies from Haiti, divination songs from Siberia or even the rituals of possession of the Brazilian Candombe. « I knew exactly what I wanted », she said. The idea was to dive headlong into the vocal and percussive possibilities of her music. Create sounds that would resonate to the ear while encouraging the listener to explore the depths of their inner self. With S.H.A.M.A.N.E.S, Anne Paceo takes you on a journey, but not just any journey she said: that of a «deeply human », ageless shamanism. For this new creation, she drew her inspiration from shamanic musical and vocal practices. Inspired as much by the energy of trance drums as by sacred songs, raw and textured music, the percussionist and singer - songwriter delivers here a seventh album that is both introspective and open to the world.
Track list
1Anne PaceoWide Awake
2Anne PaceoHere And Everywhere
3Anne PaceoReste Un Oiseau
4Anne PaceoPiel
5Anne PaceoFrom The Stars
6Anne PaceoMirages
7Anne PaceoWishes
8Anne PaceoHealing
9Anne PaceoL´aube
10Anne PaceoTravellers
11Anne PaceoDive Into The Unknown
12Anne PaceoMarcher Jusqu´a La Nuit

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