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RD: 2022-04-29
Dream Chaser
Label: AMP Music & Records
Fileunder: Jazz / Rock / Fusion
Two years after releasing his debut album, saxophonist Nikola Bankov is back with his upcoming

album "Dream Chaser".
Nikola Bankov is a 23-year old award-winning alto saxophonist and composer who is truly
pushing the boundaries of his instrument. Nikola is the winner of the prestigious Danish Music
Awards and has been listed in magazine Forbes´ 30 under 30. He is from Slovakia but currently
based in Aarhus, Denmark.
His new album "Dream Chaser" will be released on April 8, 2022, and features a very special
guest - legendary Grammy-winning trumpet player Randy Brecker (USA). Music is adventurous,
exuberant and powerful: music for a new generation, music that will inspire and excite. It
combines catchy melodies with deep grooves. It’s a fusion of jazz, punk-rock and electronic
“This album is very special to me as I had a chance to play with a jazz icon, trumpet player Randy
Brecker. I recall listening to Brecker Brothers a few years ago back in high school and I was
completely blown out by their music, skills and energy. And today I have an opportunity to be with
Randy in the studio, who tells me: Sounds great man, I love the music! That was a life changing
Dream Chaser consists of 8 original compositions written by Nikola. Six compositions are
performed with band and the other two are solo pieces where he experiments with a range of FX
effects applied to the sound of the saxophone, adding a new set of colours to their musical
In addition to Randy Brecker, first track called “Soul Purpose” features Danish based rapper Blacc
El, who brings fresh vibes to the album.
The meaning of “Dream Chaser” is about enjoying every second of your life and chasing your
dreams with faith for better days and future. “It’s about me - about a young guy from eastern
Europe who tries to be better every day. The guy who can inspire new generation of musicians
and people who are facing challenges while pursuing their dreams.”
Bankov´s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Bright Future’ (“Fierce blowout” - Stereogum) features
world-renowned tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake (USA) and received one of the prizes for The
Best Jazz Album Of The Year in Slovakia.
“It was a pleasure to play on Nikola Bankov´s new recording. Nikola has already received big
honours and awards in his home country of Slovakia and Denmark, but he´s ready to take on the
world! A quite original alto saxophonist, composer and conceptualist, his music to me defies
categories, he has his own sub-genre going, somewhere between jazz, funk, rock, and grunge.
So, listen for yourself and hear a heart-filled nod to the future!” - Randy Brecker

1. Soul Purpose (feat. Blacc El)
2. Dream Chaser (feat. Randy Brecker) 3. Flight
4. Sketch 1
5. Heaven on Earth
6. Traveler
7. Sketch 2
8. In The Zone (feat. Randy Brecker)
Track list
1Nikola BankovSoul Purpose
2Nikola BankovDream Chaser
3Nikola BankovFlight
4Nikola BankovSketch
5Nikola BankovHeaven On Earth
6Nikola BankovTraveler
7Nikola BankovSketch 2
8Nikola BankovIn The Zone

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