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RD: 2022-04-14
Mazel Tov Cocktail Party
Label: Label Bleu
Fileunder: Jazz / Klezmer
Label Bleu and Table Pounding Records is thrilled to announce the release of clarinetist, composer and bandleader David Krakauer’s first album under his own name in eight years: Mazel Tov Cocktail Party. Always searching to expand his aesthetic boundaries and find new sounds, Krakauer has teamed up with producer Kathleen Tagg to create a cathartic expression of joy and affirmation. In response to rising bigotry and intolerance world-wide, Krakauer and Tagg have assembled a crew of artists from a wide variety of genres and cultural backgrounds to convey a counter-message of positivity that celebrates our shared humanity. The album and touring project Mazel Tov Cocktail Party were conceived and created by Krakauer and producer Kathleen Tagg as a “good vibes explosion” in response to the current climate of incredible polarization and negativity that pervades our daily lives. Along with Krakauer and Tagg, the album showcases a brand new line-up consisting of an incredibly high-octane group of world class musicians: Clarinet wizard Krakaueris the Godfather to Tagg’s quirky keys and production, Iranian dynamo and multi-talent Martin Shamanpoor’s drumming, jazz guru Jerome Harris’ virtuosic bass, sultry soul singer/rapper Sarah MK’s voice and words & oud/guitar-meisterYoshie Fruchter’s lines. Together this group brings their enormous musical and cultural diversity to the project, and collaborate to create both original material as well as unique re-imaginings of material from around the world. The album takes traditional, old dance forms and completely recasts them to bring an overt message of tolerance and inclusion. Polka, Square Dance and the Hora never sounded this way before, with electro beats, acoustic middle Eastern hand drums, deep grooves and lyrics that call for space for all. Krakauer’s wailing clarinet cries out for us to join together, celebrate and feel the power in our aliveness. A Square Dance? Polka? Hornpipe, Hora and Calypso? Urban beats mixing with acoustic instruments and thought provoking rap? What is this music? In the heavily polarized months of 2020, Krakauer and Tagg began to deeply reflect on what we all share as humans as a counter to the constant barrage of stories of how different we are. It disturbed them profoundly that the conversation is so divided, blind bigotry is rampant and tensions between different groups of people are at an all-time high: Urban vs rural. Red vs blue. Conservative vs liberal etc. What’s the common place where we have the potential to come together as humans and don’t need to know the beliefs of the person next to us to have a good time? It’swith music and dance.
Track list
1David KrakauerNorth Country Square Dance
2David KrakauerKrakky´s Rainbow Polka
3David KrakauerBella´s Calypso
4David KrakauerJammin´ With Socalled
5David KrakauerMazel Tov Cocktail Party
6David KrakauerI´m A Poor Wayfaring Stranger
7David KrakauerDrum And Hornpipe: Poll Ha´Penny
8David KrakauerWedding On The Cyclone
9David KrakauerThe Happy Hour Crew Theme Song

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