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RD: 2022-05-06
Label: Melodie En Sous-Sol
Fileunder: Jazz
Pronto! brings us a quartet of four major personalities from the European jazz scene. All four of them are musicians who love to work with written compositions, melodies, atmospheres but also create new imaginations using their own improvisations, exploring them and then transforming them into the pre-established modes of playing. This quartet nurtures a collective language from everyone´s universe, which generates a distinctive sound, a completely new sound identity, specific to the group.

The repertoire of the album is entirely composed by Christophe Marguet and Daniel Erdmann. They know each other perfectly and are used to working together to nurture the construction of the repertoire. Mutually engaging their own ideas to shape the pieces, reshape them, they structure them in the service of the orchestra, so that each member of the group finds his space and can develop his own game in the most intuitive and natural way. The duo leads the artistic direction together, all while collaborating with the other two musicians, as it is unimaginable to envisage such a formation and conceptualise the music, without associating with the other two strong and outstanding figures of contemporary jazz, Bruno Angelini and Hélène Labarrière.
Track list
1Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetNumero Uno
2Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetTribu
3Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetElevation
4Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetHotel Existence
5Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetPronto Presto
6Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetSoir Bleu
7Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetAvant La Parole
8Daniel Erdmann, Christophe MarguetDe Phone Home

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