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RD: 2022-06-10
La Clarté Dans La Confusion
Label: X-Ray Production
Fileunder: Reggae / Hip Hop / Dancehall / Ragga
Unstoppable elders of the L´Entourloop collective, King James and Sir Johnny are proud to present their long-awaited third and new album “La clarté dans la confusion” ("Clarity in Confusion").

Produced in their now legendary Bandulu Studio, the 20 tracks of this new album are the result of a patient production process, carried out with care and passion. Throughout the album, L´Entourloop testifies in its own way via a puzzle of film samples, of this strange period that we have just gone through collectively, using all its savoir faire when it comes to make the people dance.

Since 1964, when the song "My Boy Lollipop" flooded the European radio airwaves, L´Entourloop’s love for reggae and its culture has never stopped growing. With this third album, they wanted to pay tribute to the legendary pioneers of this incredible movement – artists and producers such as Tom Wong, Count Machuki, Prince Buster and Lee "Scratch" Perry. An album which is a true declaration of love for soundsystem culture and its children - reggae, dancehall and hip-hop.

The success of their previous albums "Chickens in Your Town" (2015) and "Le SavoirFaire" (2017), with their famous "Banging Hip-Hop Inna Yardie Style"quickly broughtL’Entourloopinto the spotlight, along with their hundreds of shows performedall over Europe. The mysterious collectivecontinues to bring together an ever-growing audience around the world, as proved by their hundreds of millions of plays on music platforms.

True lovers of vinyl and old cinema, in their perpetual quest for the ultimate sample, the insatiable diggerskept their fans waiting by first dropping the excellent DJ-Mix "Start From Scratch" in the summer of 2021, followed by a series of 3 official remixes, including the Reunion Island anthem "Li Sem".

Another striking characteristic of L´Entourloop is the great ability of King James and Sir Johnny to gather incredible guests from around the world. Whether with SkarraMucci and their now classic "Dreader Than Dread" or their excellent EP “Golden Nuggets” (2019), Capleton for the extravagant remix of "Burn Dem Down", producer Panda Dub they collaborated with on "Le Bonheur" or French singer Biga Ranx for their hit "Push The Limits", L´Entourloop has the gift of giving birth to collaborations that mark the spirits.

With no less than 32 guests from all over the world, MCs fling lyrics like guns like in a western movie and the new album is no exception!

On the reggae side, Jamaican legends such as Ken Boothe and Bounty Killer meet new generation stars such asAlborosie, Kabaka Pyramid, Queen Omega and Marcus Gad. On the hip-hop sideChali 2Na from legendary US group Jurassic 5, Swedish MC Promoe from Looptroop Rockers, US rapper Rêverie, the excellent JuJu Rogers, French beatmaker Degiheugi and the irresistible South African female rapper Dope St Jude all make appearances.

The UK vibecan also be felt with features from jungle and dancehallpioneers General Levy and TippaIrieas well asheavyweights of the grime sceneFlowdan, Lady Chann and Killa P. Fellow French artistsare also in the spotlight with guests such as Big Red, O.B.F andManudigital.

To complete this amazing cast, L´Entourloop has once again called on the incomparable Troy Berkley from Bermuda and the talented trumpeter N´Zeng, formerly of Le Peuple de l´Herbe, to accompany the collective on the road alongwith a new addition - excellent Dutch rapper BlabberMouf, who has just joined the killer new live show.

This springL´Entourloopare back on the road, more determined than ever to rock the French and European stages, packing out all venuesat the start of their huge 2022 tour, totaling more than 60 dates by the end of the year!

After five long years of waiting, L´Entourloop arehitting higher than ever with their new album “La clarté dans la confusion” and its myriad of guests - available on June 10, 2022.
Track list
1L´entourloop, NZengLa Clarte Dans La Confusion
2L´entourloop, Alborosie, PromoeCalling Dancers
3L´entourloop, Kabaka PyramidRock Mi Nice
4L´entourloop, Troy Berkley, BlabbermoufMadzilla
5L´entourloop, Ken Boothe, Lion In BedEternal Roses
6L´entourloop, Lyricson, Queen Omega, Red FoxFlorilege
7L´entourloop, Troy Berkley, Dope Saint JudeDrop
8L´entourloop, DegiheugiLa Fleur L´age
9L´entourloop, General LevyPeople Is Massive
10L´entourloop, LMK, Reverie, Lady ChannScoville Anthem
11L´entourloop, Bounty Killer, Troy BerkleyMagistral
12L´entourloop, Dawa, The ArchitectClin D´oeil
13L´entourloop, Chali 2Na, NZengGet Back
14L´entourloop, Marcus Gad, JuJu RogersMana
15L´entourloop, Troy Berkley, O.B.F.Lift Up Your Head
16L´entourloop, Las Ninyas Del CorroWay To Be Happy
17L´entourloop, Blackout JA, Tippa IrieFi Di Yut
18L´entourloop, ManudigitalMumbai 808
19L´entourloop, Killa P, Flowdan, Big RedSaga
20L´entourloopDowntown (Befour Steppa)

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