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RD: 2022-02-25
Label: Chantilly Negra
Fileunder: Blues / World / Rock
A blues singer-guitarist, a percussionist specializing in Latin rhythms, a hurdy-gurdy player expert in traditional music from central France. At first sight, these three should never have met. And they met, necessarily at the crossroads of different roads, and more precisely on the crossroad of the blues. In the spring of 2017, Tia Gouttebel (vocals and guitar), Marco Glomeau (percussion) and Gilles Chabenat (hurdy-gurdy) set off to record in northern Mississippi, known as « hill country », where kudzu and a form of hypnotic blues once sung by Fred McDowell, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Junior Kimbrough and RL Burnside proliferate. It is an initiatory journey as much as it is ethical.

Ethical, because they don’t go there for tourist clichés. Rather for an exchange of cultures, a real encounter, inviting locals to share their music, recording on the field with a mobile studio. The musicians from Mississippi had never seen or heard a hurdy-gurdy before. But among people of the earth, because the earth is round, we recognize each other, we understand each other.
Initiatory, because this trip signs Muddy Gurdy’s birth certificate. The album is imbued with the magic of the Mississippi. It is a favorite, a critical and commercial success, hailed and broadcast as far as the United States. With this album, Muddy Gurdy tours a lot and attracts a new audience (because they are funny and endearing on stage). In February 2020, just before the world stops spinning and the planes stop flying, they are selected at the Folk Allliance Festival in New Orleans, where they record a song for the archives of the prestigious Library of Congress.
Track list
1Muddy GurdyLord Help The Poor And Needy
2Muddy GurdyChain Gang
3Muddy GurdyDown In Mississippi
4Muddy GurdyMG´s Boogie
5Muddy GurdyLand´s Song
6Muddy GurdyAnother Man Done Gone
7Muddy GurdyAfro Briolage
8Muddy GurdyStrange Fruit
9Muddy GurdyYou Gotta Move
10Muddy GurdyBlack Madonna
11Muddy GurdyTell Me You Love Me

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