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RD: 2022-02-25
Label: Indies Scope Records
Fileunder: Folk / Gypsy / BraAgas
Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Katerina Göttlichova is releasing a new album Zimnice (i.e. Chills). The versatile musician Jan Balcar, jazz double bassist Petr Tichy and keyboardist David Göttlich are guests on the debut album by the co-founder of BraAgas, who were awarded the And?l Music Awards, CR. Zimnice will be published by Indies Scope. The eleven-song record places the lyrics of Slavic folk songs with original folk music in contrast to today´s technologies. The tangle of genre roots extends from Romani, Balkan to Hispanic music. Minimalist elements of creaking, squeaking and other natural sounds of acoustic instruments such as guitar or nyckelharpa were mixed into loops with the addition of electronics. The songs were recorded and mixed in the Bros studio by Jan Balcar. Pavel Karlík from SONO studio took over the mastering. Balcar collaborated on the album as a producer with David Göttlich, who took on the guitars and keyboards. In addition to double bass, Petr Tický recorded trombone parts. Göttlichová accompanies her singing on nyckelharpa and acoustic guitar.
Track list
1Katerina GöttlichovaCedulicka
2Katerina GöttlichovaOci
3Katerina GöttlichovaPlelo dievca
4Katerina GöttlichovaSigote
5Katerina GöttlichovaMariska
6Katerina GöttlichovaKletba
7Katerina GöttlichovaSlunecko
8Katerina GöttlichovaDruzicka
9Katerina GöttlichovaLaska V Rece
10Katerina GöttlichovaLoucen
11Katerina GöttlichovaTrava

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