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RD: 2022-01-07
Zentone Chapter 2
Label: Jarring Effects
Fileunder: Dub / Reggae / Electronic
Fifteen years later, Zenzile and High Tone are finally back for the highly anticipated Zentone Chapter 2! The two most legendary dub groups from France are taking up the challenge a second time and offering us a new album scheduled for November 12, co-produced by Jarring Effects and Black Dub.

A meeting at the top that will delight all fans of dub, since it is not one, but two volumes that enter the bins: a shanti atmosphere CD which includes the 10 mixes Zenzile version and the double vinyl, designed for sound system with 12 mixes High Tone version (four titles, their instrumental version and a third mix with an even more dub structure).
Listening to this new opus, if there is one word that comes to mind it is "humanity". Zentone Chapter 2 was conceived in the midst of a pandemic. The 9 musicians met in Lyon for a week for a studio session. And the least we can say is that this strange period did not impact their creativity, far from it! This time around and unlike in 2006, they decided to work without a net with a recorded rehearsal device. No fuss about the placement of the microphones, no headphones, but a setup with a sound system where live and improvisation were the key words. The collective and spontaneity are at the heart of this project. This need for humanity can also be found in the warmth of sound: analog takes precedence, farewell to the cold computer interface between music and humans.
This return to simplicity is also found in the mixes. Each of the two groups has chosen to mix the titles on an analog console. High Tone side, the mixes are more instinctive, the four Lyonnais have clearly let go. Their mixes are a snapshot of the moment, an old-fashioned dub with nicely flipped intros. It’s the record that High Tone has released the least in 20 years! Faithful to their DNA, the Angevins for their part masterfully handle the writing and construction of titles. Atmospheric atmosphere guaranteed.
Another specificity of this new opus is the collaboration with singers. The voices of Nai-Jah, Jolly Joseph (Dub Shepherds), Rod Taylor and Nazamba (already heard on OBF riddims) enrich the compositions. By choosing singers who come from live and dub system, Zentone asserts its tendency to play music live. One thing is certain, with this new opus, the live band is the synthesis of all generations of dub. Zentone plays instrumental dub, then the mix with techniques specific to dub and does not hide his inspirations from King Tubby to Prince Jammy via Scientist. But they also integrate the new dub scene. A lively, artisanal, collective, inspired and inspiring scene that has not finished talking about it.
Track list
1High Tone, ZenzileDub Migration
2High Tone, Zenzile, NazambaDub Revolution
3High Tone, ZenzileCounter Strike Dub
4High Tone, Zenzile, Jolly JosephDisobey
5High Tone, ZenzileDub Parade
6High Tone, ZenzileHilltop Dub
7High Tone, Zenzile, Nai-JahOpen Gate
8High Tone, ZenzileStone Cold Dub
9High Tone, Zenzile, Rod TaylorHotter Than Hot
10High Tone, ZenzileCursed By Dub

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