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RD: 2021-12-17
Umlaut Big Band Plays Mary Lou Williams
Label: Umlaut Records
Fileunder: Jazz / Big Band / Swing
Since 2011, the Umlaut Big Band has made a specialty of going back to the early decades of jazz to revive the music of the great bands of that era, while commissioning contemporary composers to write new works.

After working on Don Redman in 2018, the Umlaut Big Band continues its series of portraits of forgotten composer-arrangers by focusing on the work of Mary Lou Williams (1910-1981), a prolific musician whose career spanned 50 years of jazz history, constantly open by its transformations.
Initially a pianist and prolific arranger for Andy Kirk´s orchestra, she aroused the curiosity of the public – for women instrumentalists were rare in this male-dominated milieu – and in the 1940s became the mentor of Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell and Dizzy Gillespie. She wrote for Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman on numerous occasions and collaborated with Cecil Taylor, ShafiHadi and Buster Williams in the 1970s.
The personal archives of Mary Lou Williams, preserved at the Institute of Jazz Studies in Newark, bear the traces of this prolific trajectory. The original manuscripts served as the main source for this project informed by precise historical research. Thus, the Umlaut Big Band allows us to hear numerous compositions written between 1930 and 1981 and never-before-recorded.
Here, for the first time, the work of Mary Lou Williams the composer and arranger, has been considered as a whole. This album was conceived around themes specific to her musical practice: her relationship to the blues, the influence of Kansas City, the rewriting and reinvention of old works, the expression of a point of view on history and a relationship to youth. A reading that we hope will shed new light on an unjustly neglected figure.
Track list
11Umlaut Big BandHistory Of Jazz For Wind Symphony : Introduction - Suffering
12Umlaut Big BandChunkalunk
13Umlaut Big BandNew Musical Express
14Umlaut Big BandJust An Idea (Mary´s Idea)
15Umlaut Big BandMedino.2
16Umlaut Big BandTruth
17Umlaut Big BandAries
18Umlaut Big BandThe Count
19Umlaut Big BandHarmonyblues
110Umlaut Big BandMary´s Idea (1930)
111Umlaut Big BandAfter You´ve Gone
112Umlaut Big BandBody And Soul
113Umlaut Big BandMary Stepsout
114Umlaut Big BandGjonmili´s jam Session
115Umlaut Big BandSweet Georgia Brown
116Umlaut Big BandStardust (Big Band Version)
117Umlaut Big BandLonelymoments (1943)
118Umlaut Big BandSleepyvalley
119Umlaut Big BandKool
120Umlaut Big BandConversation
121Umlaut Big BandScorpio
122Umlaut Big BandUntitledincidentalmusic (Excerpts)
21Umlaut Big BandFill The Cup
22Umlaut Big BandBlue Skies
23Umlaut Big BandJoe
24Umlaut Big BandO.W.
25Umlaut Big BandMary´s Idea
26Umlaut Big BandStardust (Trio)
27Umlaut Big BandLonelymoments (1946)
28Umlaut Big BandGhost Of Love
29Umlaut Big BandFifthdimension
210Umlaut Big BandEarl´s Boogie
211Umlaut Big BandRoll´ Em
212Umlaut Big BandTaurus
213Umlaut Big BandAquarius
214Umlaut Big BandVirgo
215Umlaut Big BandHistory Of Jazz For Wind Symphony : Spiritual #1 - Spiritual #2
216Umlaut Big BandFandangle
217Umlaut Big BandZoning Fungus Ii
218Umlaut Big BandChief Natomafrom Tacoma
219Umlaut Big BandShafi
220Umlaut Big BandRosa Mae

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