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RD: 2022-02-04
De Alchemia
Label: Eygennutz Records
Fileunder: Dark Folk / Dark Pop / Medieval Music
Dark and sparkling, seemingly ages old and yet brand new: With De Alchemia, Bianca Stücker has

woven a magical web, and once caught, listeners will find themselves transported to a time that
never existed.
With great dedication to historical detail, the singer and multi-instrumentalist has converted the
complex cosmos of alchemy to sound: Instead of the “transmutation of metals”, the raw and archaic
sounds of nyckelharpa, cornamuse, rauschpfeife and tagelharpa are interwoven with the silvery
shimmer of hammered dulcimer, harpsichord and recorders, supported by a construction of catchy
basslines, beats and percussion.
Mercurius, sulfur and the common salt, sol and luna – the imagery of alchemy is mystical and
contrary, inscrutable and fantastical. In this world, nothing is the way it seems, everything is
encrypted – and the songs on De Alchemia are just the same. The lyrics come in German, Latin,
French, Spanish, Finnish and English, and they deal with the four elements, wisdom, nature and the
many levels of the “Great Work” in the age-old quest for the “lapis philosophorum”. For De
Alchemia, Stücker has again chosen a few texts out of the “Chymisches Lustgärtlein”, an alchemic
encyclopaedia published more than 300 years ago that also provided the lyrics for “Aus den vier
Elementen” on her previous album Fate & Wisdom.
Musically, De Alchemia offers an eclectic mix of mystical and dance-orientated songs, a special kind
of “dark witchy folk” providing an exciting new facet to the musical range where the likes of Faun,
Dead Can Dance or Heilung feel at home.
Bianca herself embodies a similar unconventional mix of styles in which seemingly incompatible
opposites congeal to a surprisingly homogenous whole. The postdoctoral musicologist successfully
balances pop and church music, tribal fusion, tattoo art and writing. On stage, she (often) has
company: For a live rendition of her songs, she is usually joined by her group Bruxas Solis.
Track list
1Bianca StückerPraefatio: De Alchemia
2Bianca StückerEscalier Des Sages
3Bianca StückerNelia Elementtia
4Bianca StückerPutrefactio
5Bianca StückerAl Cabo De Los Anos Mil
6Bianca StückerCalcinatio
7Bianca StückerNigredo
8Bianca StückerThe Black Hole Stream
9Bianca StückerPeroratio: Rubedo
10Bianca StückerDigressio: In The Midst Of Life

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