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RD: 2021-11-26
The Idea Of You
Label: Chemikal Underground
Fileunder: Indie / Singer-Songwriter / Folk
Admiral Fallow are thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of their new album The Idea Of

You, their first in six years, on Chemikal Underground. The second single to be taken from the
album, Dragonfly, following on from first single Sleepwalking in June, is out now available on all
digital platforms. Singer & lyricist Louis Abbott describes the song as “a sun-drenched exploration into
how the things that really matter to us change as we get older”.
Written and mostly recorded in 2019, The Idea Of You is a captivating collection of songs –
generously melodic, confidently executed and festooned with intricacies. In true Admiral Fallow
fashion, these tales of friendship and carefree adventure take the road less travelled, rarely finding
their terminus where it might be most expected.
Warmth, empathy and contentment course through the nine songs, a response to its makers having
navigated personal and professional challenges to emerge with their identity – both as a group and
as individuals - intact. The Idea Of You traverses Philly soul, sophisticated pop and guitar-driven
rock, delivering humbly anthemic choruses by the barrowload.
Singer and lyricist Louis Abbott wrote the bones of the songs shortly before becoming a father for
the first time, conscious of the impending – irreversible – change his life would undergo. Opaque yet
resonant, his lyrics allude to pivotal yet ordinary moments with a poet’s eye (“We met the night the taxis
made a killing/ The night was ours” – The Possibility; “Jennifer, under a wooden roof/ Two stark-naked bursts of
wait-and-see” – The Grand National, 1993).
The same urgency that prompted the writing of the songs fuelled the recording of The Idea Of
You, which took place in Chem19 on the outskirts of Glasgow under the aegis of producer Paul
Savage, who worked on the group’s first three albums – Boots Met My Face (2010), Tree Bursts In Snow
(2012) and Tiny Rewards (2015). Written and recorded pre-pandemic, the album inadvertently bears
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the hallmarks of a less fretful era, concerned with themes of growth and bloom in contrast to those
of anxiety and fear.
The Idea Of You finds Admiral Fallow’s line-up unchanged from their debut album: Louis Abbott
(guitar, vocals, keyboards, programming, percussion), Kevin Brolly (keyboards, clarinet), Phil Hague
(drums, percussion), Sarah Hayes (keyboards, vocals, flute) and Joe Rattray (bass).
Track list
1Admiral FallowSleepwalking
2Admiral FallowElectric Eyes
3Admiral FallowThree Weeks
4Admiral FallowThe Grand National, 1993
5Admiral FallowDragonfly
6Admiral FallowNight, Shortly
7Admiral FallowTuesday Grey
8Admiral FallowThe Possibility
9Admiral FallowSoliton

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