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RD: 2022-10-14
How It Goes On
Label: Emrick Music
Fileunder: Klassik / Orgel
The talented American composer JOHN PATRICK THOMAS presents his new work "How It Goes On", together with the enchanting soprano voice of JULIA HENNING and the great organist CONSTANZE KOWALSKI, an atmospheric album with exciting sounds.

Denver-born musician JOHN PATRICK THOMAS composed his first pieces of music at the age of twelve and was a member of the COLUMBUS BOYCHOIR (now known as the AMERICAN BOYCHOIR) in Princeton, New Jersey. He studied with renowned composers such as DARIUS MILHAUD, CHARLES JONES and SEYMOUR SHIFRIN at the Aspen Music School, University of Wyoming and the University of California in Berkeley. In 1971 JOHN PATRICK THOMAS started a concert and opera career in Europe and worked with top-class colleagues such as DAVID DEL TREDICI, MICHAEL FINISSY, LUKAS FOSS, MAURICIO KAGEL and KRZYSZTOF PENEDEREKI. He was also a founding member of the FIVE CENTURIES ENSEMBLES and taught at numerous universities such as the State University of New York in Buffalo, the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, the Stage School and the School for Drama in Hamburg. The composer, countertenor and singing teacher JOHN PATRICK THOMAS, who now lives in Hamburg, now presents nineteen pieces of music with impressive compositions on his new album "How It Goes On". Together with the expressive voice of the soprano JULIA HENNING and the organ sounds of CONSTANZE KOWALSKI, he creates a breathtaking fusion of voice and music. His original and impressive songs move between soothing sounds, melancholic depth and cheerful lightness. JOHN PATRICK THOMAS succeeds in composing atmospheric, multi-layered pieces and thus achieves a perfect sound experience.
Track list
1John Patrick ThomasMonths Of Summer 1
2John Patrick ThomasMonths Of Summer 2
3John Patrick ThomasMonths Of Summer 3
4John Patrick ThomasMonths Of Summer 4
5John Patrick ThomasMonths Of Summer 5
6John Patrick ThomasFor Pi-hsien Chen 1
7John Patrick ThomasFor Pi-hsien Chen 2
8John Patrick ThomasFor Pi-hsien Chen 3
9John Patrick ThomasVorgesang zu Peniel
10John Patrick ThomasPeniel
11John Patrick ThomasVorgesang zu Beth-El 1
12John Patrick ThomasBeth-El 1
13John Patrick ThomasVorgesang zu Beth-El 2
14John Patrick ThomasBeth-El 2
15John Patrick ThomasVorgesang zu Beth-El 3
16John Patrick ThomasBeth-El 3
17John Patrick ThomasVorgesang zu Machpela
18John Patrick ThomasMachpela
19John Patrick ThomasHow It Goes On

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