NEWS:Helge Schneider: After the masterpiece "Torero", the new live album straight out of Austria!
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RD: 2021-09-17
Spicy Boom Boom
Label: Vlad Productions
Fileunder: Afrobeat / Jazz
The afro brass band from Paris (France) will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2021 with the release of a second album placed under the sign of artistic encounter.

Since 2016 and the release of the album “AfroMassivSoundSystem” (FIP selection and Citizen Jazz favorite), the 9 musicians have experienced intense moments of happiness in all parts of France, as far as clubs in London or festivals. scorching waves in Cyprus and Malta. There were also long months of radio silence, musicians invested in other groups (Arat Kilo, Abdul & The Gang, Nola French Connection BB ...) and questions about the meaning of a project involving French musicians on an aesthetic inspired by the music of the African continent. In 2018, the group accepts the invitation of the Fela Days Festival in Bamako for 10 days of meetings musical (Habib Koité, Ko Saba, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Abomey Afrobeat Orchestra),creation and concerts that lead to the recording at the Bogolan studio of the EP ‘Balamako’, with griot MoribaDiabaté. From these lasting memories, from rich exchanges with Malian and Beninese artists, a new dynamic was born. Balaphonics then finds its way back to Studio Mastoïd in Pantin (France) to concoct a spicy mixture with flavors sometimes makossa, highlife, ethio-groove, or Congolese rumba. All delicately spiced up with pop and psychedelic influences from Maxime Lunel for a unique sound: SPICY BOOM BOOM.
This album was made possible by the support of musicians with a big heart working for the meeting between cultures, transmission and tolerance like Hilaire Penda (who was a guide during the three years between the 2 albums), Manu Dibango and Tiken Jah Fakoly who welcomed them in his Radio Libre room in Bamako. All encouraged the original way in which Balaphonics revisited African music, and were captivated by the ardor of their shows. On the strength of this recognition, the group was able to meet again, recharge their batteries, and unite the new team which marks with its sound imprint this new album including the balafonist Ben Moroy, Brice Perda on the soussaphone, and the percussionistsinger Julien Cordin at the origin of the songs I Bissimila and Onalala.

To complete the production of this album, guests we met during the concerts immediately responded to Balaphonics’ invitation: Kandy Guira (Les Amazones), Jupiter &Okwess, Franz Von (K.O.G. & The Zongo Brigade) and MoribaDiabaté.
SPICY BOOM BOOM: deceptively naive title from an album finally boxed, tracks fed by artistic encounters and a band ready to overflow from the jar. You will sometimes find the comfort of playing in the studio (DemaindèsL´Aube, I Bissimila, Balazurka), but also the urgency of live (KokanisaNabo, Spicy Boom Boom) and the 2 tracks recorded in Bamako to which the group attaches a particular importance.
Track list
1BalaphonicsSpicy Boom Boom (Feat. Kandy Guira)
2BalaphonicsDemain Des L´Aube
3BalaphonicsIncredible Energy Vibes (Feat. Franz)
4BalaphonicsI Bismillah
5BalaphonicsKokanisa Nabo (Feat. Jupiter, Okwess)
6BalaphonicsDouba (Feat. Moriba Diabate)
9BalaphonicsGolden Doudou
10BalaphonicsA Taara (Feat. Moriba Diabate)
11BalaphonicsDon´t Know
12BalaphonicsIncredible Energy Vibes

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