NEWS:Joe Bel: Second album of the exceptional French artist!
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RD: 2021-07-16
Label: Vision Fugitive
Fileunder: Jazz / E-Musik / Folk / Chamber Music
3 years after Universe-Solitude, unanimously acclaimed by the critics, Philippe Mouratoglou´s superb trio offers us an eagerly awaited new opus. The record, carefully prepared and meticulously recorded at Studios La Buissonne offers a new repertoire of original compositions, nourished by influences ranging from Francesco da Milano´s Ricercare to an evocation of Jimmy Rowles´ The Peacocks. This tightly knit acoustic guitar-bassdrums trio, with an original repertoire, evolves in a space where fascinating landscapes of infinite colour and nuance stand out.

"It is indeed an original form of writing – often very precise – that guides the music through most of these tracks. But it is a form of writing that, in its very mode of creation, ceaselessly seeks to surprise itself and break free of all too well-establishedpatterns. Since the 2012 recording of “Steady Rollin’ Man - Echoes of Robert Johnson”, his homage to the leg- endary bluesman, Philippe Mouratoglou has largely used open tunings, abandoning the traditional E-A-D-G-B-E tuning for other combinations of intervals. Like the “long, immense and reasoned derangement of all the senses” extolled by Rimbaud, this calculated derangement of the guitar’s standard tuning opens the way to explore new poetic landscapes, a little like painting blindfolded: the absence of standard fingerings and the surrender of any automatic reflexes create the conditions for the unexpected to spring forth, an unlikely harmonic combination."
Philippe Mouratoglou biography
Classically trained by WimHoogewerf, Roland Dyens and Pablo Marquez, as well as Assistant Professor to the latter at the Strasbourg Conservatory of Music, his expansive approach to instrumental music is what sets Philippe Mouratoglou apart, plucking out a diverse stylistic repertoire on classical, 6 and 12 string folk and baritone acoustic guitars.
And his interpretive and improvisational style is what strikes the right chord with musicians and ensembles of all genres.
Philippe Mouratoglou is as masterful at the chamber music and major guitar concertos of the Toulouse Mozart Orchestra and Occitania Chamber Orchestra as he is with the traditional folk of the Bernard Revel Convivencia Ensemble and contemporary compositions of the Linea and Alma Viva Ensembles.
Since 2009, his successful collaboration with soprano Ariane Wohlhuter has produced 2 CDs under the TròbaVox label: We Only Came to Dream showcasing the compositions of John Dowland, Benjamin Britten and DusanBogdanovic (2013), and Mélodieset Lieder featuring the works of Franz Schubert and Gabriel Fauré (2017)
And since 2012, Philippe Mouratoglou has released a growing catalog of original oeuvres with fellow producers, clarinetist Jean-Marc Foltz and graphic artist Philippe Ghielmetti, under their independent Vision Fugitive label:
· a revisit of bluesman Robert Johnson’s repertoire with clarinetist Jean-Marc Foltz and double bassist Bruno Chevillon (Steady Rollin´ Man, 2012)
· two solo releases featuring improvisations, original compositions and musings on the works of Francesco da Milano, EgbertoGismonti, Toru Takemitsu, Arthur Kampela, Leo Brouwer and Benjamin Britten (ExercicesD´Évasion, 2013 &D’AutresVallées, 2016)
· an exploration of the influence of popular Spanish music on Isaac Albéniz with flamenco guitarist Pedro Soler (Rumores de la Caleta - Albéniz& Le Flamenco, 2014)
· Jean-Marc Foltz quartet with double bassist Sébastien Boisseau and drummer Christophe Marguet (Viracochas, 2013)
· a fully improvised music record (Legends of the Fall with Jean-Marc Foltz and Ramon Lopez, 2017)
· original compositions for a new trio with Bruno Chevillon and Ramon Lopez (Universsolitude, 2018)
· a Fernando Sor monograph (released in 2019)
· Ricercare (to be released in May 2021)
Track list
1Philippe Mouratoglou TrioVisions
2Philippe Mouratoglou TrioBleu Sahara
3Philippe Mouratoglou TrioLes Mains De Pluie
4Philippe Mouratoglou TrioThe Peacocks
5Philippe Mouratoglou TrioFleurs Obscures
6Philippe Mouratoglou TrioRicercare XXXVIII
7Philippe Mouratoglou TrioInventions Sur Curumim
8Philippe Mouratoglou TrioCapricornes
9Philippe Mouratoglou TrioShamisen
10Philippe Mouratoglou TrioSoleils D´Hier

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