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RD: 2021-09-10
The Next Movement
Label: Leopard
Fileunder: Funk / Soul / Jazz
A first listen might suggest: this is a new production emerging from the legendary funk scene of Minneapolis. Wrong by far! Three Swiss musicians are boosting Funk to new heights on the new album THE NEXT MOVEMENT (LEOPARD Records). J.J. Flueck, Pascal "P" Kaeser and Sam Siegenthaler form the explosive helvetic Trio, with their music unmistakably fusing the influences of R&B, funk and blues from James Brown, Prince, Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis on this album. And they do it in skillful and sonic perfection.

All three musicians have known each other for decades and have played together in various scenarios, often as sidemen. Up to the day where they decided to bring their own song material to life with THE NEXT MOVEMENT. Founding the band was the logical next step in their music careers. And since all three are fans of funk, R&B, blues and jazz, the direction they would take musically, was very clear. THE NEXT MOVEMENT is a highly danceable, endlessly grooving album that captivates you from the first listen and makes you want to move your body.
Track list
1The Next MovementSee No Limits
2The Next MovementLove Confessions
3The Next MovementThrough The Middle
4The Next MovementSpring (Not As Planned)
5The Next MovementStab Somebody Else
6The Next MovementLate Spring (Sober, But Drunk)
7The Next MovementThe Glorious Return Of The Funk
8The Next MovementCome Together
9The Next MovementSub Bass
10The Next MovementSummer (But Different)
11The Next MovementSx Fnk
12The Next MovementCan´t Wait A Day
13The Next MovementHigedance
14The Next MovementLate Summer (I Guess I Was Here Before)
15The Next MovementUnderstood
16The Next MovementEarly Autumn (Everything Gonna Be Alright)
17The Next MovementShe Put A Spell On Me ADM
18The Next MovementEarly Winter (TNM Party)
19The Next MovementWinter feat. Tumbleweed (The Longest Snare in The World)

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