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RD: 2021-06-04
Label: Green Piste Records
Fileunder: HipHop / Latin / R&B / Soul / World
Founded in Barcelona, in 2008, La CafeteraRoja is multigenerational, multilinguistic, mixed and self-taught Band. An European group playin´ self-made music that sounds like a mix between all kinds of genres such as Hip-hop, Pop and Rock.

AuréliaCampione (vocals/guitar), Anton Dirnberger (MC/keyboard), Chloé Legrand (Guitar/chorus), Fiti Rodriguez (Vocals/ bass guitar/chorus), Jean-Michel Mota (cello/chorus) and Pierre Jean Savin (drums/chorus): a prolific combo with already four albums and today, for the first time, an album made from afar but completed in a studio
A one-year work, at home, for this fifth record “Mozaik”, due to be released next spring.
La CafeteraRoja, it’s a refusal to be labeled, neither rock, nor trip hop, neither reggae, nor chanson, neither jazz, nor latin. Their “mixture” was brewed by time, with a kind of “world sound”as a guest, and inventing their own language. Today, they are as Hip Hop, World as electro rock. Leaving Barcelona, their Spanish is changing, mixing with French, German and English, making their own Esperanto. Their sound is exuding the happiness to play together.
A humanistic work of uprooted but “Full of hope” citizens of the world, songs full of love and freedom, solar and sometimes nonchalant. One can guess some Outkast and Dr Dre influences, a record which opens with a rap in German, “Moonlight”, then reminiscence of the 90s English Trip hop, slowly slipping into electro gimmicks on “One Eighty” to finally deliver a hopeful message with “C’estl’amour”, in which arpeggio, Spanish serenade and Rap come together.
A “Mozaik” breath to remember the joys of friendship, a mild breeze dancing on a time-coloreddress / a weather-colored dress.
Track list
1La Cafetera RojaMoonlight
2La Cafetera RojaOne Eighty
3La Cafetera RojaC´est L´amour
4La Cafetera RojaCatching Fire
5La Cafetera RojaCamina
6La Cafetera RojaI Don´t Need You
7La Cafetera RojaGive Me Your Love
8La Cafetera RojaAlter Schleger
9La Cafetera RojaWalk Like That
10La Cafetera RojaFull Of Hope
11La Cafetera RojaTodo Se Mueve
12La Cafetera RojaCantame
13La Cafetera RojaInvisible
14La Cafetera RojaBlue Winter Zoo
15La Cafetera RojaEtre Seule
16La Cafetera RojaEscucha Mi Son

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