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RD: 2021-07-16
Die Reaktion - The Last Jazz Vol. II
Label: Railroad Tracks
Fileunder: Jazz / Blues / Avantgarde / Klassik
HELGE SCHNEIDER is undoubtedly one of the most versatile artists in this country. The

exceptional musician releases 34 years after the debut "The Last Jazz" his new (jazz) album,
which also makes use of swing, blues, bebop and classical music and brings this very special
HELGE SCHNEIDER style. Released as CD and vinyl double LP on RAILROAD TRACKS.
To pack HELGE SCHNEIDER´s life into a few sentences is not possible. In the media gladly
as a music clown and film comedian, but these terms are only part of his personality.
HELGE SCHNEIDER has always been a gifted and free-spirited jazz virtuoso and has his musical roots in this genre.
Far before his popular successes such as "Katzeklo", "Es Gibt Reis, Baby", "Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus" or most recently
"Mama", he released songs inspired by jazz greats such as Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Dave Brubeck.
After that he founded with BUDDY CASINO and PETER THOMS to form the band HARDCORE .
In the following years he collaborates again and again with with well-known national and international artists and also as a solo artist.
Also through his engagements in film as an actor and director, various audio books, as a
book author and of course through his excellent live performances SCHNEIDER is considered a gifted,
versatile exceptional artist. Now, 34 years after "The Last Jazz" the musician releases
with "Die Reaktion - The Last Jazz Vol.II " the sequel to his debut album.
The avant-garde jazz idea of the album, the individual songs repeatedly break
into different styles like swing, blues, bebop and classical music. The sheer boundless
creativity of the musician is packed here in 22 songs and has of course, in addition to all the musical
sophistication, this very special Helge Schneider humor. A small (private) highlight
is the collaboration with his son Charlie (drums) in the song "The Tadd Walk".
Track list
1Helge SchneiderDas Alte Klavier
2Helge SchneiderDer Pabst
3Helge SchneiderAstral Houdini
4Helge SchneiderMord Ist Ihr Hobby (Das Singende Pferd)
5Helge SchneiderGrossstadtgemecker
6Helge SchneiderRailroadblues
7Helge SchneiderMann Ohne Gesicht
8Helge SchneiderDie Redaktion
9Helge SchneiderGurkenblues
10Helge SchneiderBluebird Flying In The Sky
11Helge SchneiderSpinett (Am Strand)
12Helge SchneiderMondscheinelise
13Helge SchneiderInterstellare Begegnung
14Helge SchneiderI´m Beginning To See The Light
15Helge SchneiderThe Tadd Walk
16Helge SchneiderLes Baguettes
17Helge SchneiderStraight & Hype
18Helge SchneiderSilver Hammond Dreams
19Helge SchneiderHelge Schneider Spielt Verschollene Werke Von Bach Und Haendel
20Helge SchneiderVariationen Auf Händels Verschollene Aufzeichnungen Aus Halle An Der Saale
21Helge SchneiderNordic Walking (Hörspiel)
22Helge SchneiderDer Stummfilm

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