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RD: 2021-09-03
Couleur Chaos
Label: Yotanka Productions
Fileunder: Synth-Pop / Dark Wave / Electro
With Couleur Chaos, Yan Wagner is in tune with his life and desires. After successive mournings –

including his mother, whom he calls out to with the joyful politeness of despair (“Des cieux plus
cléments” with a Daho-esque chorus) – and a move to Marseille, he’s bringing forth some kind of
letting go. With fun and simplicity back on the agenda, he hasn’t been holding back, and hiding
behind the English language is now out of the question. Pushed by Daho – yet again – and
“technoman” Romain Delahaye a.k.a. Molecule, the 80s- and synth-lover dares treading on French
singing ground for the first time. He sows beacons, distills images, alert and ironic and at ease with
puns without overusing them, with brilliant flashes such as “Être sans toi, c’est mourir un peu/J’me
brexit encore avec toi.” Yan Wagner has become a singer, as we know, but also most definitely a
crooner with mutating evocative power – dandy-like, sensual, casual, feverish, bewitching.
Above all, this new album takes him away from past productions and skillfully reroutes him from his
original furrows. Warm and radiant, never clinical, he’ll happily welcome misconduct, because his
music pulsates with life and rejects altogether the idea of being tied up. Constantly melodic, it is an
ally to the pop genre rather than its subject. With his first loves George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and
Funkadelic always in the back of his mind, Yan Wagner is not willing to preach for any church in
particular. Some of his tracks are tinted with lightning flashes of funk, he knows his way around the
random temperature of analog synths and he’ll readily inject G-Funk elements here and there.
Finally, we’ve got songs about misunderstanding (“Fais comme si”) and the amnesia of love
(“Souvenir detail”), a nod to John Fante (“Demande à la poussière”), dormant groove and his wife’s
first name (“Take it All”), a sexual breakthrough and Caribbean-tinged new-wave (“Parfum”), organ
rhythm and dub alongside boozy lyrics (“Brise glace”) and even a closer brimming with scintillating
indolence (“Dernière fête”). Couleur chaos – so we can forget the chaos outside.
Track list
1Yan WagnerBrexit
2Yan WagnerParfum
3Yan WagnerBrise Glace
4Yan WagnerCouleur Chaos
5Yan WagnerTake It All
6Yan WagnerFais Comme Si
7Yan WagnerDemande A La Poussiere
8Yan WagnerSouvenir Detail
9Yan WagnerPlein Phare
10Yan WagnerDes Cieux Plus Clements
11Yan WagnerDerniere Fete

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