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RD: 2023-03-24
This Year
Fileunder: Singer-Songwriter / Americana / Folk
Singer and guitarist Hanna Meyerholz presents her third album "This Year" on her self-founded label Irish Green Records. Meyerholz took on the production himself together with Phil Wood. The combination of Americana and folk radiates an extraordinarily grounded warmth and with reduced instrumentation, driving guitar sounds and gentle voices, the duo concentrates on the essentials.

Born in Münster, the thoroughbred musician completed her pop studies in the Netherlands and released her debut album shortly thereafter in 2014. Phil Wood and the musician met about six years ago and decided to create songs in English and German together. Harmonic virtuosity with lyrical depth is constantly being created here. Meyerholz recently launched her own label, Irish Green Records. With the versatile arrangements and lyrics on their new album, an enormous professionalism and passion becomes apparent. Furthermore, the Initiative Musik, a funding body of the federal government and the music industry, has subsidized the duo, which has made the dream of releasing their long player on vinyl come true. In addition, with the grant they are financing the production of an animated video by Tine Kluth for the title song "This Year". Playing in front of an audience is also very important to Hanna Meyerholz and her bandmate Phil Wood, and since concerts have been possible again after the lockdown phase, she has been performing again and captivating the audience live with her melancholic, driving spell - preferably in intimate clubs, with candlelight and a cozy atmosphere, which connects harmoniously with "This Year" and their music as a whole
Track list
1Hanna MeyerholzSomewhere Out There
2Hanna MeyerholzThis Year
3Hanna MeyerholzCastles
4Hanna MeyerholzIrish Green
5Hanna MeyerholzRise Above
6Hanna MeyerholzPlaces
7Hanna MeyerholzBefore We Go Down
8Hanna MeyerholzNot Safe To Say
9Hanna MeyerholzHow To Swim
10Hanna MeyerholzWork Song

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