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RD: 2023-03-10
Fileunder: Rock´n´Roll / Rhythm´n´Blues
On "Stripes", the five Leipzig entertainment rock´n´rollers give a great, catchy and energetic performance. Oriented towards Rock´n´Roll and Rhythm´n´Blues, the formation succeeds in an exciting, multi-faceted ride through the music history of Rock and Blues.

A rock´n´roll band was founded at a school in Leipzig more than 30 years ago. It only takes five years from the first appearance in the auditorium to own a GbR and the tailor-made stage suits with black and white "stripes". Then it all happens in quick succession, with over 4,000 shows played to date, joint tours with world stars such as Chuck Berry or Bill Haley´s Comets, our own musical show productions and themed tours, our own festival weekender at Trebsen Castle and the cruise "The Firebirds Rock´n´Roll Cruise". The quintet around the founding members Guido Gentzel and Konrad Schöpe knows only one direction: further, but please uphill! The professional entertainers have around 300 songs from the 50s and 60s in their program, but they have also proven time and time again with their own compositions that they can not only dress up evergreens in a sexy new way. In the meantime, the "Stripes" have become a trademark and the anniversary album of the same name sums it up: Apart from the stormy versions of "Blinding Lights" (The Weeknd) and "Step By Step" (New Kids On The Block) you will only find here The Firebirds-Originals, which in their diversity make tough competition for the live program. Rock´n´Roll, Rhythm´n´Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Swing, Jazz, Blues, Surf, Soul, Doo Wop and 60´s Pop are included in the accurately and passionately recorded songs, which also have an amazing pop appeal . The crystal clear and state-of-the-art production by Bernd Batke (Smokestack Lightnin´) creates the perfect contrast to the nostalgic vibe of the music. 13 songs that impressively showcase the class of the Firebirds, also as songwriters.
Track list
1The FirebirdsYou Don´t Like To R´N´R
2The FirebirdsBlinding Lights
3The FirebirdsSweet Kisses
4The FirebirdsMama Should Know
5The FirebirdsBoyfriend
6The FirebirdsThe Way Love Goes
7The FirebirdsMoviestar
8The FirebirdsMr. Sunshine
9The FirebirdsMy Guitar
10The FirebirdsArea 51
11The FirebirdsDown By The Sea
12The FirebirdsStep By Step
13The FirebirdsLet The Good Times Roll

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