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RD: 2022-12-02
Fileunder: Liedermacher / Bayerische Mundart
Long-awaited fourth studio album by the renowned and multiple award-winning Munich septet Dreiviertelblut around the masterminds Gerd Baumann and Sebastian Horn (Bananafishbones). Twelve songs reflect a diverse range of emotions as well as relentless poetic perfection. The formation once again expresses their love of darkness in a balancing act with Bavarian humor - songwriters at their finest! Released on CD and double LP on Millaphon Records.

Dreiviertelblut was founded in 2012 by Sebastian Horn and Gerd Baumann, although the two artists had played together years before. Some of their songs were already used in the 2009 movie “Sau Number Four. Ein Niederbayernkrimi" or in the ARD series "Oktoberfest 1900". Since then, three highly successful masterpieces of Bavarian songwriter art have been released with the debut album "Lieder Vom Unterholz" (2013), "Finsterlieder" (2016) and "Diskothek Maria Elend" (2018), which also caused a sensation outside of the Free State. Born in Bad Tölz, Sebstian Horn is co-founder, singer and bassist of the band Bananafishbones. He also moderates the show "Heimatsound" on BR television. In addition to his musical art and composing, Baumann also works as a university teacher. He has been the producer of Konstantin Wecker since the late 1990s and was awarded the German Film Prize in 2007 for his music in “Wer Earlier Dies Is Longer Tot”. In 2011 he founded the Millaphon Records label together with Till Hofmann and Mehmet Scholl. The new album "Plié" contains a passionate texture of atmospheric compositions and arrangements that include guitars, wind instruments, accordion, drums and polyphonic vocals. Because the love of darkness comes in this crude, Bavarian humor, it shows itself to be deeply human, with heart, in a timeless beauty and a touching poetry. The bizarre stories that Sebastian Horn and Gerd Baumann tell on stage create Dreiviertelblut´s typical atmosphere of a driving journey between reality and fiction.
Track list
1Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Om (Do Schneibts) (A-Seite)
2Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Ast Vom Baam
3Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Insomnia
4Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Ewige Wolke
5Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Raunacht
6Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Das Lied Vom Unbekannten Soldaten (B-Seite)
7Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Liedeslied
8Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Irgendwann
9Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Rosbluat Und Schneider
10Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Hehna Ohne Kopf
11Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Im Schnee
12Dreiviertelblut (Baumann & Horn)Bei Da Nacht

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