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RD: 2022-11-25
Fileunder: Neoklassik / Ambient / Electronica
With "AION 2" Johannes Motschmann, renowned composer in the field of electroacoustic music and algorithmic composition, presents a highly interesting album. The basis is his composition AION for artificial intelligence and ensemble, which was written for the Ensemble Modern and premiered in October 2021 at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt/Main under the direction of Peter Tilling. In advance, Motschmann, together with the music IT specialist Thomas Hummel, had developed an artificial intelligence in the SWR experimental studio that not only produces coherent pieces of music, but is also able to create music that can convey emotions. Compositions created with the help of this software can now be heard on AION 2 for the first time. Passages from the original live recording of the concert have been used and rearranged while keeping the original compositional idea intact. Motschmann´s electro-acoustic trio also played some elements for the project. The result is an emotionally touching album that was composed entirely by artificial intelligence and then orchestrated and refined by human hands. The result of this interplay of man and machine makes you completely forget all the technical requirements and the methods used to compose. Trained early on on the piano and organ, Motschmann studied composition, piano, electronic music and music theory. He composes for well-known ensembles such as the SWR Symphony Orchestra, the NDR Radio Philharmonic, the Ensemble Modern, the German Chamber Orchestra Berlin and also for his own trio. Johannes Motschmann lives in Berlin.
Track list
1Johannes MotschmannBordun
2Johannes MotschmannCarillon
3Johannes MotschmannVox Coelestis
4Johannes MotschmannAcuta
5Johannes MotschmannOverlap
6Johannes MotschmannEcho
7Johannes MotschmannRupture
8Johannes MotschmannVox Humana I
9Johannes MotschmannVox Humana II
10Johannes MotschmannCor De Nuit
11Johannes MotschmannDissolve

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