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RD: 2022-10-14
New Era
Fileunder: Electro-Pop / Indie / Singer-Songwriter
Like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, Black Lilys proudly testifies to resilience, through a timeless and

organic pop, swinging between power and vulnerability. Brother and sister in life, they deliver a unique music
in the French musical landscape.
The bewitching sound of Robin´s guitar evoking sometimes The XX, sometimes Ben Howard delicately
carries Camille´s chipped voice, whose timbre is reminiscent of Björk´s or Julia Stone’s.
Camille and Robin started music inspired by their mother, herself a musician. She passed on to them her
fascination for seemingly simple works, such as Eric Satie´s Gymnopédie, because they are technically
accessible, but where the magic can only work when you agree to put a part of yourself into them. It is only
in adolescence, some time after the death of their mother, that music becomes a necessity. It becomes for
the siblings, a pretext to externalize this visceral need to reconnect to each other, without even needing to
talk about it. Thereafter, everything follows rather quickly. They quickly toured the whole of France and found
themselves sharing the stage with Chris Garneau, Emilie Simon, The Dø, Dyonisos, Pete Doherty, Zaz. They
surrounded themselves with a loyal audience, their personal quests proving to be much more universal than
they could have imagined.
Track list
1Black LilysReckless
2Black LilysInvisible Strings
3Black LilysSleepwalking In The Rift
4Black LilysWoman Wolf
5Black LilysYaläkta
6Black LilysGymnopedie
7Black LilysStörm
8Black LilysFeroce
9Black LilysNew Era
10Black LilysParty

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