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RD: 2022-03-18
Heteroklite Lockdown
Fileunder: Jazz
The question could be: "How to stop being (by) yourself ?"Indeed, if this new record "Heteroklite Lockdown" was granted such an explicit yet contradictory title by Henri Texier, it is because there is no doubt to him that the music it is made of would never have existed as such without the lockdown episode. "It so happens that my son, Sébastien, who´s also been my most faithful partner for almost 30 years, and I live in the same village!! When we found ourselves locked down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought that instead of moping around by ourselves, we could maybe bend the rules and gather a couple of times a week - to keep on playing, as simple as that. That´s what is was at first: some kind of instinctive gesture, a straight and spontaneous response to the necessity we were facing, not to let the music go!" Very quickly, as this intimate duo practice was free from any project and any injunction from outside, both men jointly felt the sweet exhilaration of stepping away from their well-trodden paths, and allowed themselves to play anything that crossed their minds, moved by the sole, the vital desire to play music. "The paradox of the situation was instantly blatant to us. Because we found ourlseves playing merely to share, without any expected result, without having to be different, without the need to build a new repertoire, all of our inner-censorship melted away. Surprisingly, during our sessions we saw some old themes coming back to us, forgotten standards such as "Round´Midnight" or "Besame Mucho" that we had never allowed ourselves to play until then. In a nutshell, a whole new world for us, that we were gladly welcoming!"
Track list
1Henri TexierRound About Midnight
2Henri TexierBacri´s Mood
3Henri TexierWhat Is This Thing Called Love
4Henri TexierTake Your Time
5Henri TexierForest Forgive Them
6Henri TexierBesame Mucho
7Henri TexierFertile Danse
8Henri TexierIzlaz

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