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RD: 2022-03-18
Bigfoot TV
Fileunder: Rock / Hardrock / TNT
‘Bigfoot TV’ is Ronni Le Tekrø’s first solo album in six years, and old and new fans are in for

a treat. Together with his tight band, ‘Bigfoot TV’ sounds inspired and vibrant, Ronnis brilliant
guitar is a red thread through the album and you’ll find references to everything from TNT to
Thin Lizzy, Beatles, David Bowie and his own progressive rock albums.
Ronni Le Tekrø is considered one of the world´s most influential metal guitarists, first and
foremost with his band TNT, but also in collaboration with jazz guitarist Terje Rypdal and as a
diligently used studio musician. Tekrø has sold somewhere between 4 and 5 million (!)
albums with TNT and was named one of the world´s 25 best guitarists in its genre in 2009.
Ronni Le Tekrø always is continuously developing as a composer, lyricist and vocalist, and
seeks opposition and inspiration from colleagues in the music industry around the world.
The lyrics on ‘Bigfoot TV’ are about his own life and values, and musically it is about further
developing the progressive rock from the solo albums ‘Mein Ampf’ 1 and 2.
Track list
1Ronni Le TekroLife Long Island
2Ronni Le TekroDemons
3Ronni Le TekroMoving Like A Cat
4Ronni Le TekroThe Black Rose
5Ronni Le TekroA Handful Of Time
6Ronni Le TekroNew Day In The Morning
7Ronni Le TekroU.F.O.
8Ronni Le TekroNot Today
9Ronni Le TekroEyes Of The Woods

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