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RD: 2022-03-11
Hymne Au Soleil
Label: Heavenly Sweetness
Fileunder: Jazz / Soul
French saxophonist Laurent Bardainne summons the spirit of astral jazz on heavy-grooving new album, Hymne au Soleil.

A dreamlike, cinematic excursion to the outer reaches of the solar system and the inner workings of the soul, Laurent Bardainne returns to Heavenly Sweetness with his Tigre d’Eau Douce group for a second album of genre-agnostic jazz-funk. Building on critically acclaimed 2020 album Love Is Everywhere, Hymne au Soleil sizzles with Arnaud Roulin’s Hammond organ licks, in-the-pocket bass work from Sylvain Daniel, and shuffling drum and percussion interplay from Philippe Gleizes and Roger Raspail, pinning Bardainne’s soaring saxophone lines to the mast like a flag in the wind.
The 11-track album represents a consolidation of Bardainne’s vision as a consummate jazz saxophonist, having made his name collaborating with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Cassius, afrobeat legend Tony Allen and co-founding Tigersushi electro outfit Poni Hoax.
That eclectic experience comes to the fore on Hymne au Soleil, which is named after a piece by trailblazing French composer Lili Boulanger. Beginning with the lilting, late-night smoker ‘Oh Yeah’, which recalls the mellow funk of Khruangbin, the album rolls through a rich musical landscape, whether in the Motown-era soul breakdowns of ‘Adieu My Lord’ or the roaring, dance floor-ready ‘Hymne au Soleil’, that draw parallels with the high-octane sound of UK jazz outfit The Comet Is Coming. The album is further coloured by wistful choral refrains that drift in and out of view, providing a crepuscular soft-focus glow and dynamic counterpoint to Bardainne’s more ferocious sun-worship blowing.
It is set to further secure Bardainne’s place among the constellation of saxophonists charting a course into the cosmos. It remains to be seen just how far he will fly.
Track list
1Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceOh Yeah
2Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceLa Vie, La Vie, La Vie
3Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceHymne Au Soleil
4Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceAdieu My Lord
5Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceDestination Danger
6Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceJou En Nou Rive
7Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceCombly Family
8Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceVerte Gronouille
9Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceKenya Sunrise
10Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceSarang
11Laurent Bardainne, Tigre D´Eau DouceOiseau

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