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Transatlantic Roots
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Bruno Angelini is an atypical pianist, endowed with a very personal universe as a composer and musician. Rooted in the culture of jazz and contemporary music, he is an inventive pianist, constantly seeking to push the sonic boundaries of his instrument. He was born in 1965 in Marseille. After studying classical piano at the conservatory, he joined Guy Longnon´s jazz class. Between 1990 and 1993, he continued his jazz training in Paris at the CIM, Paris, in the class of Samy Abenaïm, with whom he continued to study pianistic technique, classical & contemporary repertoire until 1998. Bruno Angelini is pro-active in the French and European jazz scene since the late 1990s. Having initiated and taken part in many projects, he was among others- Winner of the 2018 Jazz “Coup de coeur” prize from the Charles Cros Academy, for his album Open Land; a La Buissonne record.
Bruno Angelini currently plays in several groups including his projects “Open Land” with Régis Huby, Claude Tchamitchian and Edward Perraud; “Transatlantic Roots” with Fabrice Martinez and Éric Echampard, “La Dernière Nuit” with Daniel Erdmann, “A sleepless night Chronicle” with Michele Rabbia and Tore Brunborg, “Weird box” with Francesco Bearzatti and Emiliano Turi; and also “Nora-F” by Guillaume Séguron, “the Ellipse” by Régis Huby, “Black Moon” by Eric Plandé and “Hors Temps” by Edward Perraud with Arnault Cuisinier.
Since 2019, he has been performing a solo piano project with an original electronic device, which allows him to loop and transform the acoustic sounds of the piano, in a program PRODUCTIONSdedicated to the cinema of Sergio Leone: "Leone Alone 2.0."
His career has led him to play with many musicians such as: Kenny Wheeler, Riccardo Del Fra, Ichiro Onoe, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille, Ramon Lopez, Giovanni Falzone, Francesco Bearzatti, Thierry Peala, Joe Fonda, Jeff Boudreaux, Sebastien Texier, Christophe Marguet, Philippe Poussard, Jean-Jacques Avenel, John Betch , Norma Winstone, Jean-Philippe Viret, Gérard Lesne, Marc Ducret, Olivier Benoit, Eric Echampart, Jean-Charles Richard, Mauro Gargano, Fabrice Moreau, Stephan Oliva, Xavier Desandre, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Joe Rosenberg, Julien Augier, Jason Palmer, Christopher Thomas, Louis Sclavis, Paolo Fresu, Luca Aquino ...
Composer for cinema and television, he wrote in particular the original music for documentaries and films by Hélène Milano: “Nos amours de Viege”, “Les roses noirs”, “Les charbons ardents” and “Dans la tête d’un zebre”.

He has been teaching improvisation, solo and trio jazz piano at Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris, since 1996. In 2020-21, Bruno Angelini is the artist associated with La Fraternelle de Saint-Claude (Jur
Track list
1Bruno AngeliniDavid Spike Jim And The Others
2Bruno AngeliniMal´s Flowers
3Bruno AngeliniRosa And The Thorns
4Bruno AngeliniA Butterfly Can Save A Tree
5Bruno AngeliniPeaceful Warrior
6Bruno AngeliniFrom One Continent To Another
7Bruno AngeliniCage´s Opening
8Bruno AngeliniEpilogue. One Last Song For My (W)Heroes

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